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Dolphin Heart is a self development program that improves the 5 main relationships with the outside world – Partners- Ourselves , Friends – Money – and our entire inner – outside world. We use group and individual techniques that have been combined from experts, spiritual teachers and healers. 

Dolphins use vibrations ( by singing ) to feel objects and other animals around them. These vibrations bounce back and this is how they see and feel the world. ( Their eyes are not so strong ) . We use practices to shut out the eyes and ears to strengthen our inner intuition.

Humans , on the other hand, use too much of their eyes and ears to see and hear the connections around them. 70% of how the average person feels the world is based on these two senses. We depend too much on these senses and allow outside things to influence and control our lives.  The media, radio, t.v. magazines can influence our day to day lives . This is why Dolphin Heart practices techniques that strengthen our inner intuition and inner voice.  We put too much focus on external things and think things will change and be better after we get outside help. If we get money or if we get help , then and only after will things change. It is important to change our thinking and our emotions to already be at a state where we can receive and accept the help and money – care- love – in our lives. Only then can that higher vibrational state stay permanent.  This can be achieved by focusing on our inner voice and good feelings from inside of us. (Not searching for it from outside)

Negative Programmes that we learnt in the past that influence our lives : 

  1. Teacher says:   If you do this and this for 1-2 years, only after will you be good 
  2. If you do not study or work hard you will not reach your goal 
  3. You must work very very hard to reach anything in life 
  4. We believe that famous actors are rich – free to do anything – and can travel anywhere.This is also an illusion as many actors do not want to leave their house as people always follow them or ask for photographs. ( It is like a luxurious prison ) Are they really free ? 

Everything that we want to achieve is inside us already . Dolphin Heart teaches us to listen to our inner heart and inner voice by shutting off our eyes and ears. 

  1. Some exercises include :   Walking through a large yoga room with closed eyes, with other people as obstacles.  (Experiencing each person’s day to day obstacles in the yoga room)
  1. Trying to find our partner ( Rotation from person to person ) within the room with closed eyes  ( In this case the connection with what we want to fine tune in our life.)  Money- Relationship, Ourselves, Friends, etc . 
  1. How to allow the flow of energy, money and love into our life. Our connection with ourselves, money and our partners are all the same.  We can learn to improve to allow the flow of money and energy and acceptance into our lives. 

If you find this method interesting please give it a free try and tell us your experience. We welcome everyone with an open and free heart.