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There are many ways to teach children – Schools usually develop and teach kids through thinking, memory as well as our eyes and ears to study and memorize. The Dolphin Heart method uses playful , group activities that encourage team interaction – strengthen confidence and communication while having fun. Children get stressed or can handle uncomfortable situations with difficulty and this is where we help.

By trying to shut out the things we can see and hear  – our program strengthens the inner intuition of each child by using group interaction by closing our eyes and having fun by moving and experiencing the world with music and games. 

In everyday life we are too dependent on our eyes and ears and do not listen to our inner voice or intuitions, as much.  The Dolphin Heart method uses Games – Group activities that strengthen self confidence and the emotional balance within each child. 

Dolphin Heart helps children in the following ways : 

  • Builds confidence
  • Strengthens inner Balance 
  • Helps strengthen inner intuition 
  • Lets go of fear ( Anything we do is either based on love or fear )
  • Strengthens Team Work and team player spirit